Mode 2
EV Charging Cable

We want charging to be easy, that is why we
have created the charging cables compatible
with all the electric cars.With high focus on
safety, efficiency, mobility and great software
we want you to use products that you can rely
on and carry with you every day on your trips.

EV Charging Station

EVSE specializes in your everyday needs for
normal charging at home, at the office, or on the
road. We create smarter charging solutions with
our customers’ best interests at heart. Plug in to
the green revolution — right here, right now.

Intelligent Chip

With cutting-edge  technology,  intelligent chip ensure you a convenient and smart life with electric car charging.
Multifuntional chip will make your charging easier. That is
what we always focus on to improve EV charging and make  more and more people to embrace the “green life ”

EV Charging Plug

According to different requirement from our
customers,EVSE provides unique design including colour, size,material and  exterior etc. to meet every need from you .We can also provide Mode 3 EV
Charging Cable combined with your own charging plug.

Leading the EV charging to a better way

EVSE is the leading provider of EV charging solutions and software. With clients across a wide range of sectors, we sell, deploy, manage and provide operational services for
electric vehicle charging worldwide.


Based on the product, the brand is the core to comprehensively adjust the planning

activities of the enterprise and market

operations, including brand planning,

product planning, new product

listing planning, etc.

Technical Support

According to the project service content,

leading design and programming by the engineer, and to clients

technical assistance

Customer Service

Good customer service can accurately

grasp the market development trend,

and normalize the timely resolution of

any doubts and problems that customerhave about the products and services

they consume.

                EV Solutions