If you want the manufacturer to create the overall design and specifications of your product, you must search for ODM companies

within your industry sphere.If you have limited resources in building and creating designs, ODM companies can turn your concepts

into concrete and tangible items.This is what we are good at. Tell them what you need and the expectations ofyour company’s

customers and stakeholders.In this approach, the ODMs take care of the R&D, product concepts, testing and manufacturing.

Excellent material

The excellent material makes sure the products is with top quality and 3-5 years’ warranty at least. Environmental friendly material and new material consistent with the concept of sustainable development.

Professional team

Professional and experienced team ensures the products is the latest in the market.

We work by following the latest trends and needs with the intention of always meeting your expectations.

Automated factory

Automated factory and warehouse work more efficient, guarantee the shipping time.

Computer-controlled machines can perform simple processes quickly and accurately, effectively reducing the impact of human error.

Superior quality

High quality is our tenet, and it is also the most basic factors to win a good reputation in your market. Besides, the cost of after-sales service has been reduced thanks to the superior quality.

13 Steps of ODM

Our R&D team is professional and creative.

Our factory is modern and automated.

Our reply is timely and patient.

We are a solution provider, would like to design your own EVSE management for you.

Why charge with EVSE Charging Equipment
Powers up every electric car
EVSE charging equipment is compatible with every electric car       model available, thanks to the variety of charging capacity options we have available.

Charges faster(and more safely) than a regular outlet
Our charging station hold numerous safety certifications and compliance standards so that you can rest assured that EV charging will not put your home at risk.

Ensures you leave home every morning with a full battery
Avoid anxiety around finding an available charging
station and paying more expensive public charging fees.

Customer Case